Small Business Catalogue and Admin App

Technologies: Bootstrap, PHP, MySQL, JQuery

Completed in 2017

unikim project image
unikim project image
unikim project image
unikim project image
unikim project image

Unikim Catalogue Website and Admin Panel

Our company website that I made in 2017. Catalogue website built upon a bootstrap based template and fully responsive. Content managed using an admin dashboard.

Key Points

  • Custom MVC pattern without using a framework.
  • Apache mod rewrite for seo friendly url's such as
  • Custom PDO wrapper for database access with prepared statements for security and injection prevention.
  • Custom SEO management and auto sitemap.xml generation
  • On the fly PDF generation and custom PDF designs and QR Code links.


  • Fertilizer programmes for different plant types.
  • Auto generate PDF for a fertilizer programme.
  • Ability to upload photos with captions to showcase fertilizer programmes.
  • Random photos / products displayed on the landing page.
  • All products, categories, fertilizer programmes and plant content stored in db and can be managed via admin panel.