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Hello, Im Deniz

I've been a tech and computer enthusiast since my childhood. My coding journey began when I discovered HTML while trying to design an email template at the age of 13. I've developed many projects after I discovered PHP and MySQL back in early 2000's. For the past few years, I've been learning Typescript, React and Tailwind and trying to keep up with industry standards.

I enjoy learning both fundamental computer science and new technologies.

  1. IT Specialist and Web Developer

    Unikim Fertilizers

  2. Computer Programming

    Associate Degree - Anadolu University

  3. Web Design and Development

    Associate Degree - Anadolu University

  4. Business Administration

    Bachelor's Degree - Anadolu University

  5. Computer Science

    Attended 2 semesters - University of Ontario Institute of Technology (OntarioTech)

  6. Chemistry

    Completed 62 credits - Yıldız Technical University

  7. Genesis

    I was born in Istanbul/Turkey on a warm spring morning