Translation Manager - Json Editor

Technologies: React 18, Tailwind, Daisy Ui

Completed in 2022

tmanager project image
tmanager project image
tmanager project image
tmanager project image
tmanager project image

Translation Manager

This react application is developed for editing json translation files. This is purely a frontend application and saves all data in the users browser. Easily manage multiple translation files make sure all json keys are synced and present using a reference to sync to.

What it does

Translation Manager is basically a json editor. You can load a reference json and a target json. All translation keys will be based on the reference file. Then the target file will be scanned for matching keys. Each matching key will get its value from target file. Un-matching target file keys will be disregarded. This way, you get a synced version of the target file with the reference file.

Target file is optional and you can start editing with only a reference file. All translation values will be blank.

How to use

Lets say this is an english.json file in your app and you need another language version.

Go to translation manager and press start. Press load reference file and load your reference file.

	"messages": {
		"welcome": "Welcome to my app",
		"signout": "You've successfully signed out.",
	"labels": {
		"yes" : "Yes",
		"no": "No"

Now when you press continue, you can start translating each field and your progress will be tracked and saved automatically. You can then download your json file whenever you want. You can reload your json file to continue on another computer or browser. All data is saved in the browser storage. No network or backend needed.


Application is deployed to Github Pages and can be accessed here