Fishmania - Mobile Unity Game

Technologies: Unity, .Net, C#

Completed in 2019

fishmania project image

Fishmania Project

This is an old unity project that I developed while learning unity and .net. It's a mobile game originally and works with a hidden joystick that is created after a touch event. WebGL version has mobile inputs disabled. Play with keyboard only.

Gameplay of fishmania

Game Details

  • Endless eat smaller fish and avoid big fish game.
  • XP bar at the top. Fish gets bigger as it levels up and can eat bigger and bigger fish.
  • Fish can move to any direction indefinitely. Grid system will adapt

Technical Details

  • Endless grid system.
  • Custom parallax system.
  • Minimal UI
  • Needs optimization.

Grid System

  • Custom grid system. A 9x9 grid is created as needed around the player.
  • Grid boxes away from the player are disabled until player comes close

Grid of fishmania


Game can be played on a computer using the keyboard here.