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Technologies: Next.Js, App Router, Tailwind, Static Site Generation, MDX

Completed in 2023

Donis.Dev Project

I wanted a static page with easy to add content to without a database or a backend. Next.js and static exports with MDX was the solution I came up with since its widely adapted within the industry. This project allowed me to get a deeper understanding of the App router and SSG (generateStaticParams).


  • Next.js 14: Newly updated powerful react framework with App router and server components.
  • SSG: No need for a backend server with Next.JS static exports. Perfect for SEO and page load time optimizations.
  • Tailwind CSS: Utilizing a utility-first CSS framework for streamlined styling and enhanced design.
  • MDX: Easy file based content management with markdown and jsx support for my blog and project pages.

Content management

The blog and projects pages will search data/posts and data/projects directories respectively. Each filename represents their postId or projectId. during the generateStaticParams process at build time, each file in the directory will be read and their metadata extracted using dynamic imports.

here is the load data function from the useProjects.ts hook:

async function getProjectData(
	filename: string,
	key: "data" | "metadata",
): Promise<ProjectType> {
	//Lazy load the mdx file for the project
	if (!filenames.includes(filename)) throw new Error();
	const file = await import("@/data/projects/" + filename + ".mdx");
	if (file[key]) return file[key];
	else {
		throw new Error();

Here is an example project data that will be imported from the mdx file:

export const data = {
	id: "donisdev",
	title: " Personal Portfolio",
	year: 2023,
		"My personal portfolio developed using Next.js 14, Tailwind CSS, and MDX for content management.",
	tech: ["Next.Js", "App Router"],
	images: ["donisdev_cover.jpg"],
	link: "",
	repo: "",

This flexible system allows me to add a single mdx file to projects or posts folder and the rest will be taken care of at build time.


After configuring Next.js to use static exports, npm run build command will generate a static html website at /out directory. When deploying to Github Pages this process takes place in the gh cloud. Site is generated and served automatically.