DonDefender - Tower Defense Unity Game

Technologies: Unity, .Net, C#

Completed in 2019

dondefender project image

dondefender Project

Welcome to don defender. This is a project based on the tutorial from Devslopes Unity 3D course. I've added a few more systems on top of the tutorial. It was a great learning opportunity.

Gameplay of DonDefender

Game Features

  • 3 Levels with varying wave counts.
  • 3 Tower types
  • Tower upgrades
  • Auto next wave, 2x speed and pause menu
  • Sounds not implemented

Technical Details

  • A wave generator system implemented. Generates a wave with various enemy types depending on the current wave number. No need for statically typing each wave enemy list. Just define how many waves you want and set the difficulty level. Enemy lists will be auto generated at runtime.

  • A feedback system implemented to show the player messages at the bottom left corner.


Game can be played on a computer using the keyboard here.